Pass the non dairy butter?

Do you know what the #1 resolution buttermade on December 31st every year is? I don’t either… But, I’m guessing losing weight is up there on the Top 10 list. I fell victim to this particular resolution this year. Really, I am looking to feel healthy and feel better in my clothes…but that often boils down to dropping a few pounds.

So, with the goal of losing weight in mind and my husband fully on board with this plan (he’s really the best), I began contemplating my diet. Diets are annoying. I get bored and frustrated and want immediate results. No, patience is not one of my virtues. Enter husband, with clever idea- what if every month in 2015 we did some sort of diet modification and a corresponding physical activity? Might not be sustainable or we might do something for 2 months, etc, but it seemed like a good jumping point.

January was no carbs, no booze (yes, I know…no fun.) We also did the 7-minute NYTimes workout every day from December 28th until January 31st. Two hundred and forty-five minutes of cardio, core, and strength and a fridge eerily empty for a month, I feel stronger. I feel like maybe some of my clothes fit better. But what for February?

Vegan. We’re cutting out meat, dairy and eggs. For 28 days, I will live my life without delicious delicious cheese and devoid of a juicy burger. Off I went to the grocery store and returned with nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, grains, coconut milk and non dairy butter. I’m weirdly excited.

photo 1

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