I’m thankful…

…for all the women in my life.  Those who are close, those who haven’t been a part of my life for long and even those I don’t know yet.  Those who are mothers and daughters and sisters and friends.  Those who have children and those who don’t.  You have all helped me to be the mother I want to be.  To all the women who lift up other women, I send you love this week, this Sunday and always.

You are a mother

You are a daughter

You are a sister
You are an aunt
You are an “aunt”
You are like a mom
You never tried to be a mom
You are a friend
You want children
You want more children
You don’t want children
You have had infertility issues
You have had a miscarriage
You are celebrating with your mother
You are missing your mother
You have taught me
You have learned from me
You have loved me when I needed it
You have told me the truth when I needed it
You have listened to me vent
…And told me to shut up
You have laughed with me
You have heard me cry
You have held my hand
You don’t mind a little sarcasm
You give it right back
You have had wine with me
Or tequila shots
Or a quiet cup of coffee
You believe in me
You love my children
…and they love you
You love me
…and I love you.

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